***Milky Falls Preview**

Milky Falls:  A buddy and I go hiking at a park and take time to make our own falls.  This video is available now via skype (bodybuildermilk) or contacting me by email (

10 min, 24 sec

$30 USD

***Thirsty Buddy Preview***

Thirsty Buddy:  Check out what happens after my buddy and I get home from the gym. Let’s just say it’s time for some Muscle Milk.  Bonus phone video at end.  This video is available now via skype (bodybuildermilk) or contacting me by email (

10 min, 5 sec

$30 USD




Tighty Whitie Stuffing & Milk: Now available via skype (bodybuildermilk) or email

13 min

$25 USD

***Shake Bloat Preview***

Shake Bloat @ 250lbs!: Watch me bloat up to a 44.5 inch waist with 4 oatmeal protein shakes in my tighty whities.

22 Min, 3 sec

$25 USD

 ***Stuffed Milk Squirt Preview***

Stuffed Milk Squirt: Weighing over 250 lbs still pumped from a workout and stuffed from a big meal, then milking my nips. There is a big stream of milk at one point as well as four other milky squeezes.

2 Min, 14 Sec.
$10 USD

***Hands Preview***

Hands: This is the first vid shot in HD where I have a buddy give me a shoulder and chest rub. He makes me spay milk all over the place as he plays with my nips. The high quality of the video now captures the streams of milk.

1 Min. 15 Sec.
$10 USD

 ***Milk Reel Preview***

Milk Reel: This montage of milk captures too many milk squirts and geysers to count. You’ll be sure to watch over and over again each time you get the craving for some muscle milk.

4 Mins. 25 Sec.
$25 USD

***Pec Bounce & Milk Preview***

Pec Bounce & Milk: This video is four minutes of non-stop pec bouncing followed at the end by a double milk squeeze.

4 Min. 41 Sec.

***Milk Pump Preview***

Milk Pump: This unique video features nipple vaccuum pumps that show milk dripping inside as I work them over; I then go on to hand squeeze milk into a shot glass until they run out of milk. I finish off by drinking my deliciously-sweet muscle milk. There is a 30 second interruption after the 3rd minute because a hacker accessed my cam through skype thus pausing my recording.

10 Min 34 Sec.
$25 USD



To schedule your show contact or through skype: bodybuildermilk


***Big Beef Preview***

***Big Beef Preview***

Big Beef: Weighing 250 lbs, stuffed and pumped I sit down and milk as well as go nude and touch my toes ;-)

2 Min 20 Sec.
$25 USD


***Smooth Beef Preview***

Smooth Beef: I recorded this video the first day I weighed 250 lbs. I hit a few poses and then stripped down. I was shaved smooth at the time.

1 Min 32 Sec
$10 USD

***Smooth Muscle Butt***


Smooth Musclebutt: Shaved smooth and weighing at 245 lbs this clip is short but sweet and packs a lot of ass flexing and an occasional bend-over. 35 seconds of video followed by 7 additional still shots.

1 Min 3 Sec.
$10 USD


***Muscle Butt Pump Preview***

Muscle Butt Pump: This video of me doing a set of butt pumps after a leg workout to really get that fullness in the glutes. Can I get a volunteer to be laying on his back in front of me?

45 Sec.
$10 USD



***Beef Jerk Preview***

Beef Jerk: Weighing in at 260 lbs and shaved smooth, this video has a enough beef jerking action to make anyone hungry for more meat! Proceeds from the sale of this video will go directly to Growing me even BIGGER than seen here. Thanks for your support!

6 Min 12 Sec.
$25 USD


***Pre-Cum Drip***

Pre-cum Drip: Weighing in at 255 lbs with full set of BEEFy legs and ass, I play with my nips and flex my glutes. This puts pressure on my engorged prostate which then forces globs of pre-cum to ooze out my dick.

5 Min 5 Sec
$25 USD



To schedule your show contact or through skype: bodybuildemrilk
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